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Vital 2 Perform is offering services aimed at delivering a positive and sustainable contribution to the development of people and organisations and as such sustainably improving the performance and vitality of individuals, teams and organisations.

Together we break patterns and achieve results.

Our vision is that by aligning and optimising Strategy (vision, mission, targets), Structure (processes, systems, tasks) and Soul (culture, teams, employees) the vitality and performance of individuals, teams and organisations will be improved.


Aligning and optimising Strategy, Structure and Soul improves employee engagement. And engaged employees have on average a 37% lower absenteeism, a 49% lower chance of accidents, a 25-65% higher retention and a 21% higher productivity. Also the profits of companies with engaged employees are on average 22% higher than of companies with less engaged employees (Gallup, 2008).

Simon Peijnenborgh

Simon Peijnenborgh

Vital 2 Perform Founder

Simon is 49 years old, married to Renate and together they have two sons. His passions are sport, people and nature, especially as related to growth and change.

Ruben Peijnenborgh

Ruben Peijnenborgh


Ruben is 54 years old, he is married to Mariëlle and together they have two children. Ruben is a passionate cyclist and in summer you will often find him cycling to the top of the Mont Ventoux in the Provence, France, trying to beat his own record. Other passions are swimming, skiing and travelling. He also enjoys watching his son playing rugby and his daughter performing in theatre shows.

Saskia van Heijningen

Saskia van Heijningen


From an early age, Saskia was taught the importance of health and vitality thanks to her dad who is a doctor and her mother who is a nurse. Saskia’s personal interest nowadays lies in how people function in organisations.

What we do

Read more about what we do and take a look at our customer solutions. We also have several compelling case studies. At How we work we describe our typical modus operandi of larger projects.

  • Case studies

    We have offered our innovative services to a variety of English and Dutch customers in various sectors and helped them to improve performance.

  • How we work

    We typically start with a customer intake, followed by research and analysis. Based on the analysis we develop Quick Wins and Big Wins together with the customer, which are subsequently implemented. After implementation we evaluate the results.

Latest news

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Customer Quotes

At Euler Hermes UK & Ireland we have benefitted from Vital2Perform for a number of years. Ruben and Simon, two brothers in arms, helping us to help our staff dealing with the always changing environment we live in. Great team, great people providing lots of energy and great results.

Vital 2 Perform is a great team to work with. A no nonsense approach with quantifiable results both for operational as well as office staff. Highly recommended!

Vital 2 Perform has helped us with their great enthusiasm and vigorous commitment with our Employability Strategy and concrete actions.

An excellent network of professionals. They offer a strong contribution in the vitalization of people in organisations. For sure something will happen in your organisation when you work with them.

Engaged, energetic, inspiring and professional. In 2018 Simon has helped us with the implementation of a new absenteeism policy. Also he assisted us with the development of a new sustainable employability policy. Simon took on both topics with inspiring enthusiasm. He has the ability to inspire people on subjects that not necessarily get the required attention. This is due to his extensive knowledge and his energetic and inspiring approach. He can connect with staff at all levels tailoring the message to the specific audience without losing sight of the intended results.