New workshop Stress Prevention

Work pressure, organisational changes and internal conflicts can cause stress for your employees. It can even result in a burn-out, with as a result your employee being at home recovering for many months. We often hear managers making the remark ‘I wish I had foreseen that my employee was heading for a burn-out, I might have been able to prevent it’.

The new workshop Stress Prevention as developed by Vital 2 Perform addresses these topics and answers amongst others below questions:
– how can I recognise stress and a potential burn-out?
– what is causing stress and a burn-out?
– how can I prevent stress, or at least reduce stress?
– how can I start the dialogue on stress with my team and with individual employees? (this will be practised extensively during the workshop)

The workshop takes 4 hours and has been developed for managers (group of 6-12). The workshop has been very well received with our clients and scored an average of 9.2!

When you would like to know more about this workshop, please contact Ruben Peijnenborgh: